To schedule choreographic residencies, performances, teaching, and all other inquiries:

Israel:  052-4257449
International:  00-972-524-257449


One Response to Contact

  1. Noa,

    It was suggested I contact you by members of the Moving Architects ( Chicago) whom you worked with last year. My name is Joanna Rosenthal and I am artistic director of Same Planet Different World. I am looking for suggestions of an Israeli choreographer living in Israel, who might be interested in doing a cultural exchange. We have received some money to travel and collaborate with an Israeli choreographer/company and then those individuals would travel to Chicago to continue to work on a joint piece and the have a shared performance.

    We have received a good amount of money but are looking for an Israeli partner who would also be interested in helping fund this project.

    We had someone we were working with but she refuses to contribute any funds or make an EFFORTS ( at least) to secure a minimum of 3000.00 and a max of 5000.00 to the project which will ultimately cost 50,000.00 when you add in travel, production , lodging and so forth for both groups.

    We are interested in finding an enthusiastic collaborator.

    I would appreciate any suggestions of individuals you respect and whom are easy to work with.

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